“Sarah’s incredible smarts, energy and contagious sense of fun make her a joy to work with. Just as important, she gets the job done: Thanks to her skill and savvy, I sold my house and closed on a new home in just four months. In a market as challenging as today’s, I found her work nothing short of amazing.” – Dayna, Madrona

 “Sarah not only helped us to find the home we love within the budget we had, she also thoroughly negotiated with the seller so that our our move was free of anxiety and surprise. She does more than show you homes and prepare contracts, Sarah helps you explore your dreams and guides you through the realities of your future possibilities. Also, she laughs a lot and smells pretty.”– Ian & Andrew, Columbia City

“Sarah is the real deal, folks. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about real estate procedures, and we felt comfortable in her hands from day one. She understands the market very well, as well as local neighborhoods and price points. We were especially grateful to her for helping us get an edge on our offer at a competitive time. (She even wrote it for us the night before her long-scheduled vacation. That’s dedication!) The team she works with is also great … and it doesn’t hurt one bit that Sarah is absolutely warm, friendly, hilarious and toddler-tolerant. We recommend her highly!”– Jason and Danielle, West Seattle

“Sarah was both our selling and buying agent. We accepted an offer over asking price on our place AND found our dream home in record time thanks to the amazing Ms. Rudinoff. She was on top of it every step of the way- from figuring out just the right listing price, to creating marketing materials, advising us on staging (ok, you were right about that simple-human trash can…), to closing the deal. Not to mention her care and thoughtfulness in finding us just the right new home. Plus, we laughed the whole time.”-  David and Joe, Capitol Hill

 “Sarah is the ideal Realtor ® because she takes the time to know the market and her clients. She poured copious amounts of time and energy into searching for a home that would fit us. We missed our weekly outings with Sarah once we signed the papers on our place!”– Ian and Anne, Queen Anne

“When we walked into the house we now own, all three of us knew it was our home right away. The process was effortless, due to Sarah’s consummate knowledge of all the ins and outs of home-owning. We have passed her name on to all our friends, and will only work in the future with Rudinoff.- Troy and Kim, Seward Park

“Sarah is real estate triple threat…she is a joy to work with, she knows her stuff, and she takes concerns seriously. She was able to answer every questions seriously. She was able to answer every question we had thoughtfully and never asked us to compromise what we were looking for. We learned so much in this process and never felt in the dark after talking to Sarah.” – Sara and Lane, Queen Anne

“When we first started our process, we were looking for a Realtor ® that would understand our style and be patient with our first-time buyer browsing. We met Sarah and immediately realized her style and personality were a great match. She previewed so many homes for so we didn’t have to waste our time touring houses that didn’t fit our needs. Plus-she’s a whole lot of fun to be around.” – Katie and Richard, Mt Baker

“Sarah is not only an amazing realtor, she is an amazing individual. She takes the time to understand what you are looking for, what your needs are and supports you through the craziness of home buying with wisdom and levity. Working with Sarah is like working with a friend. ”– Mike and Emily, Brier

“Sarah is a SUPERHERO! Faced with selling my house in one of the scariest markets, Sarah was the picture of graceful poise from the word go. From hand-holding during our lightening-fast purchase to coordinating contractors, cleaners, landscapers and stagers, Sarah never let us down. She is not only capable and knowledgeable, she is funny, supportive and simply a joy to be around. Wonder Woman watch out!”- Brittany, Magnolia

“After interviewing other listing agents, we chose Sarah- this proved to be a wise decision. Sarah was exactly what we needed in a competitive market- a ‘one-stop’ resource for pricing, staging and contacts. Sarah even met our eventual buyer while looking at comparable listings BEFORE we have even chosen her to list our house…now that is laying the groundwork for selling houses! We ended up selling in 3 weeks for over our asking price, while other houses sat on the market. We are indebted to her!”  Tim and Michelle, Beacon Hill

“Sarah was always willing to go far and wide to show us houses. She was very honest, always listened and didn’t show us things that we didn’t want to see. When she had a questions, she would have the answer or find out quickly so we could move to the next step. Sarah made an intimidating process really accessible and fun.” – Amy and Aaron, West Seattle

“We were a bit tentative to go with a friend to sell our home. We couldn’t be more happy that we did. Sarah was professional, supportive, knowledgeable, clear about the process and a blast to work with. We’re singing her praises all over town.”-  Patrick and Christopher, Wallingford

“Sarah was wonderful helping us find our home. We had a very quick closing that she coordinated expertly. She put us in touch with the contractor that worked with us to perform the repairs and remodeling that was needed. She is our Realtor ® and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again and have referred many of our friends to her.”-  Nick and Nora, West Seattle

“Sarah was our Real Estate Sherpa- guiding us over the pinnacle of paperwork, cleaving through the tangle of red tape, translating the bureaucratic blarney, and leading us safely to our lovely home. Viva la Sarah!”-  Lisa and Patrick, Greenwood

 “Sarah bent over backwards to find me the perfect house at a great price. Her knowledge of the city and her up-to-the-minute inside scoop on various neighborhoods and specific houses were invaluable in narrowing down my options. Sarah really knows her stuff-she’s as fun as she is professional, and she was an advocate for me as well as an agent.”-  Ruth, West Seattle

“As first-time home-buyers, we knew less than nothing about this “real estate” stuff. Despite the fact that we couldn’t make up our mind about what we wanted or where we wanted to live, Sarah was patient, helpful and game for it all. She researched every house on our list, and made sure we only saw the best on the market. When we did find the house for us, we knew it right away – and she made sure we got it! We recommend Sarah to anyone who wants a trusted advisor who’s truly in their corner. We were lucky to have her!”-  Frank and Michelle, Central District

“Sarah Rudinoff is an incredibly intuitive and knowledgeable agent. She listened carefully as we tried to articulate what we were looking for in our first house. She offered advice, humor, and expertise to the process, and helped us find the home exactly suited to our needs. She worked her butt off for us, she was able to point out things we’d never have thought of, and she answered any and every question we threw her way. And not just Sarah, but every person we’ve found through Sarah (mortgage broker, electrician, flooring guy…) has been just as fantastic. She surrounds herself with good people who do good work. We would recommend Sarah to anyone buying a home.”- Alycia and LB, Beacon Hill

“When we finally decided to buy our first home, we were greener than green. We couldn’t even spell escrow. All we knew was that we wanted a home. Sarah helped us realize our dream, and paid close attention to our excruciating wish list. While we were busy at work, she would pre-screen houses for us and let us know which ones were worth seeing and which ones were not right for us. Because of her approachable and warm nature, the entire experience seemed quick, easy and low-pressure. Our new home is wonderful and we didn’t have to compromise thanks to Sarah!”- Dan and Dan, Seward Park

“I got Sarah’s contact from my financial advisor and even at the first meeting her passion at what she does really came through. What made the experience really great is how Sarah is not only professionally exceptional at what she does but at the same time adds personal touch to the folks she works with. This is so very important when one is looking at buying a house, such a big decision. I liked the fact that she allowed us to take our time on when we were ready to really jump in even though I met her a year before we got serious. When we were all set to make our offer I was amazed at how good Sarah’s network was in getting everything ready for us to make the offer making it look super easy for us. At the end of working with Sarah, we have a new and highly treasured family friend rather than a person we did business with.” – Anand and Sharon, Bellevue

“I was referred to Sarah by one of her former clients and common friends. I knew the moment I met Sarah that we were going to get along splendidly. As a single first time homebuyer, buying a house seemed daunting, but Sarah made it so very easy! She held my hand all the way through and had a great understanding of my needs in regards to my lifestyle. My house and I are a perfect match, and it’s all due to Sarah’s keen eye and perseverance.”– Tristan, Lakewood

“Sarah really will go the extra 25 miles for you. Great service, unbelievable amounts of knowledge and amazing, straight up, down to earth about the process. Over the top, exceptionally skilled person to work with!” - Erin, Columbia City

“Sarah was amazing in helping me make the dream of owning a home come true. She was there every step of the way with her wealth of knowledge, experience and humor. With me every step of the way on this roller coaster, she made all the complexities seem so simple like child’s play. I never imagined it could be so easy. Only a month later I’m still pinching myself and can’t help but smile every time I drive to my new home. Bliss doesn’t begin to describe where I sit now!”- Tim, Magnolia

“Buying my first home, I knew very little and was confused by quite a lot. Thankfully, you could always ask the right questions to help me focus my tastes and preferences. Who else could have realized the most important aspect for my dream home would be southeast sun exposure? Thanks for being able to decipher my obscure reactions! I am so pleased to have a place to call MY home.” – Pam, Madison Valley

“Working with Sarah took the stress out of home buying. She helped us see the big picture, kept us grounded when we needed to be, and celebrated when we found exactly what we had hoped for. Her depth of experience and knowledge of the Seattle housing market are tremendous. Sarah had us prepared for each step of the process. She knew when to push for us and her instincts saved us money and made us feel comfortable negotiating. She was the Fairy Godmother of our home buying fairytale and now we get to live happily ever after in our Dream House.”– Erin and Jeff, Lake Forest Park

“Only Sarah Rudinoff could turn the gloomy intrigues of purchasing a short sale into a something resembling fun. It’s always important to like your realtor—you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the car together. With the stress, complexities, and bureaucratic headaches of buying a short sale, it’s a must. When we needed to wade through the ranks of bizarre ’80s architectural “experiments” and plywood shacks that characterize Vashon real estate, Sarah was right beside us. When the machinations of assorted paper-pushers threatened to throw the train off the tracks, Sarah was there to keep it full steam ahead. When creative, intelligent solutions were needed to get to the next step, Sarah delivered. And when the process became emotionally overwhelming and we needed to blow off steam, Sarah listened patiently and brought us back to earth. We got a screaming deal on the house of our dreams and we couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you Sarah!”– Matt and Tamara, Vashon

“Sarah went above and beyond for us. We were in the middle of a short sale that was dragging. Sarah did everything humanly possible to keep things moving. After several months of negotiating and going nowhere, we decided to move on. Sarah stuck it out with us, held our hands every step of the way and navigating another short sale for us that closed in record time! Thanks to Sarah, we got a cute house and couldn’t be happier!” – Katharine and Nick, West Seattle

“Sarah gets it. She did a great job at learning what we wanted and she did everything in her power to ensure we were both informed and satisfied. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.”– Bruce & Annette, Queen Anne

“Sarah took the time to understand the type of people we are and the laundry list of ‘wishes’ and ‘it would be great if…’ and all the myriad of details of we might possibly want, and with diligence and humor went about focusing our first-time home-buyer energy. Quite simply, Sarah ‘got’ us. And WE got an amazing home.” – Andrew & Llysa, West Seattle

“Pondering a possible move to Seattle from another state, we were in a quandary as to what would work for us and where. Not only did Sarah find the perfect home for us, but she managed the unique transaction with finesse. Thanks to her assiduous attention, Sarah helped us acquire a once-in-a-lifetime property.”– Nancy & Darrel, Queen Anne

“Sarah is an extremely professional and very reliable real estate agent. Every step of the way, she made sure we understood our options and took care to see that our concerns were being addressed. She is very resourceful, personable, and a joy to work with. We would recommend her with the highest confidence.”– Sunil & Tapoja, University District

“You were absolutely wonderful! I can not thank you enough for staying with me and making house hunting cheerful. Then you got the Big View house! I have no idea how you did any of it. It was remarkable and I am very grateful to you.”– Kristin, West Seattle